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Technology has touched each part of our lives and made living serene than ever before. We provide one-stop solutions for all IT items; your bliss is just a click away. Four star it trusts in quality client services over the number of clients. We believe the promotion of a brand is done successfully by the words of our clients, not through banners or posters. For that, we ensure the best possible services & facilities at our disposal to make sure our customers are satisfied & have a remarkable experience with us.

Our expert team of researchers investigates the current economic situation & provide the best reasonable prices for Laptops, Desktop PC, Graphics Card, Processor, Monitor, Headphone, Cameras, CC TV, Speaker, office equipment, software, Gaming Chair & all other gaming components. To ensure nothing is beyond a customer’s reach.Even if a client is not ready to purchase, they can still visit Star tech’s official website for the latest news on IT information to do their due research on updated products. Selecting which components will be best suited for their needs & estimated price. Four Star It is the leading IT shop in Bangladesh both in the retail & e-commerce sectors therefore we always try to provide our customers with not only products & services but also knowledge & information via our website.
With a mission to assemble an advanced tomorrow, we acknowledge ever-changing demands & customer preferences & try to move forward with the fast-growing technology to meet present-day life needs.

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Four Star It official branches are located in Dhaka. You will have the option to purchase the entirety of our items from these spots effortlessly. Being also an e-Commerce site we provide fast-paced deliveries to maximum locations inside Bangladesh, including our own reliable delivery service inside Dhaka, operating 7 days a week.