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RONGTA RP335 Thermal POS Printer

Original price was: ৳ 7,056.00.Current price is: ৳ 6,300.00.
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G Printer GP-D802 80mm Thermal Receipt Printer | USB+LAN/Ethernet

Original price was: ৳ 13,800.00.Current price is: ৳ 11,500.00.

Xprinter XP-58IIH 58MM Receipt Printer

Original price was: ৳ 4,816.00.Current price is: ৳ 4,300.00.


Original price was: ৳ 8,064.00.Current price is: ৳ 7,200.00.


Original price was: ৳ 10,520.00.Current price is: ৳ 9,999.00.

G-Printer GP-3120TU Barcode Thermal Receipt Printer

Original price was: ৳ 7,574.00.Current price is: ৳ 7,199.00.

Rongta RP850-USE Thermal Receipt Printer | Print Speed 300mm/s

Original price was: ৳ 12,880.00.Current price is: ৳ 11,200.00.


Original price was: ৳ 10,000.00.Current price is: ৳ 7,499.00.

Bixolon SRP-E302E Thermal POS Printer | 203 dpi

Original price was: ৳ 15,500.00.Current price is: ৳ 13,200.00.

Xprinter XP-P3301B Direct Thermal Portable Mobile POS & Label Printer

Original price was: ৳ 10,500.00.Current price is: ৳ 8,700.00.

Xprinter XP-P810 Direct Thermal Portable POS Printer

Original price was: ৳ 8,900.00.Current price is: ৳ 8,200.00.

Xprinter XP-K200L Thermal POS Printer

Original price was: ৳ 8,000.00.Current price is: ৳ 7,500.00.

Xprinter XP-E300M Thermal POS Printer

Original price was: ৳ 12,000.00.Current price is: ৳ 10,000.00.

Xprinter XP-E260M Thermal POS Printer

Original price was: ৳ 9,000.00.Current price is: ৳ 8,700.00.

Xprinter XP-E200M Thermal POS Printer

Original price was: ৳ 8,960.00.Current price is: ৳ 8,000.00.

Xprinter XP 58IIL Mini Thermal Direct Receipt POS Printer

Original price was: ৳ 4,900.00.Current price is: ৳ 4,400.00.

Rongta RPP200BU 48mm Thermal POS Printer

Original price was: ৳ 7,616.00.Current price is: ৳ 6,800.00.

Rongta RPP300BU 80mm Thermal POS Printer

Original price was: ৳ 7,300.00.Current price is: ৳ 7,000.00.

Rongta RP330-USE Thermal Pos Printer

Original price was: ৳ 10,080.00.Current price is: ৳ 9,000.00.

Rongta RP328-USE Thermal Receipt Printer

Original price was: ৳ 8,000.00.Current price is: ৳ 7,400.00.

Rongta RP58E-U POS Thermal Receipt Printer

Original price was: ৳ 4,704.00.Current price is: ৳ 4,200.00.

Navigating Efficiency: A Comprehensive Guide to POS Printer Prices in Bangladesh

In the ever-evolving landscape of modern business, Point of Sale (POS) printers have become indispensable tools, streamlining transactions and enhancing customer experiences. If you’re in Bangladesh and exploring the realm of POS solutions, we’ve got you covered. This article will serve as your guide to understanding POS printers and their prices in the vibrant market of Bangladesh.

What is a POS Printer?

A POS printer, short for Point of Sale printer, is a specialized device designed for printing receipts, invoices, and other transaction-related documents at the point of sale. These printers play a crucial role in various industries, including retail, hospitality, and healthcare, offering swift and accurate printouts for customer transactions.

Key Features to Consider

When exploring POS printers, it’s essential to consider features that align with your business needs. Look for options with high printing speed, connectivity options (USB, Ethernet), compatibility with POS systems, and easy paper handling features. Additionally, thermal and dot matrix printers are common types, each with its advantages.

POS Printer Prices in Bangladesh

Understanding the pricing landscape is crucial, and it’s natural to wonder about POS printer prices in Bangladesh. The cost of POS printers can vary based on factors such as brand, features, and printing technology. In Bangladesh, you’ll find a diverse range of options catering to different business requirements.

Factors Influencing Prices

  1. Printing Technology: Thermal POS printers often come with a higher initial cost but are more cost-effective in the long run due to lower maintenance.
  2. Connectivity Options: POS printers with multiple connectivity options, such as USB and Ethernet, may have a slightly higher price point.
  3. Brand Reputation: Established brands may have a premium attached to their products, but they often come with reliability and advanced features.

Finding the Right POS Printer for Your Business

  1. Identify Your Needs: Assess your business requirements, including the volume of transactions, types of documents to be printed, and connectivity preferences.
  2. Research Brands: Explore reputable brands known for their reliability and customer support. Look for reviews and testimonials from businesses with similar needs.
  3. Compare Prices: Request quotes from different suppliers or retailers in Bangladesh. Consider the total cost of ownership, including consumables and maintenance.


Navigating the diverse market of POS printers in Bangladesh requires a thoughtful approach. By understanding your business needs, exploring features, and comparing prices, you can make an informed decision. Whether you run a retail store, restaurant, or any other business, finding the right POS printer at the right price is key to optimizing your operations.

If you’re looking for competitive POS printer prices in Bangladesh, Four Star IT is your go-to destination. Explore our range of POS solutions designed to elevate your business efficiency. Contact us today for personalized assistance and unlock the potential of seamless transactions with advanced POS printing technology.

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Rongta Pos Printer in Bangladesh: 

Welcome to our world of innovation and space-saving efficiency with Rongta POS Printers. Ideal for businesses grappling with limited counter space, our compact and lightweight printers redefine convenience without compromising performance. Rongta POS printers are not just devices; they’re reliable companions designed to withstand the rigors of daily use in bustling retail and hospitality environments. Their durability and longevity ensure consistent, high-quality printing that stands the test of time. Discover the Rongta difference in POS printing—a seamless blend of robustness and space efficiency. Our printers are crafted to optimize your workspace, providing a reliable solution without sacrificing precious room.

Searching for Rongta POS Printer price in Bangladesh? Look no further. Dive into competitive and affordable pricing within this section, tailored to meet your budgetary needs. Rongta empowers your business with cutting-edge POS printing at a cost that won’t strain your finances. Elevate your workspace with Rongta’s commitment to compact design, durability, and affordability. Explore our range and find the perfect printing solution that seamlessly integrates into your space and budget, transforming the way you do business.

Xprinter Pos Printer in Bangladesh:

Welcome to Xprinter Group, your premier destination for cutting-edge POS printing solutions. Serving markets in China and globally, we pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled quality, swift turnaround times, and competitive prices. Our commitment to excellence ensures that our customers experience precision, reliability, and confidence in every application.

Renowned for being the preferred choice among global Mobile receipt printer brands, Xprinter’s POS printers are a testament to innovation and market popularity. Our wholesale label printer, manufactured in compliance with industry norms, exemplifies quality and performance. Expect minimal printing errors, ensuring seamless operations and reduced downtime.

More than just a provider of comfort and safety, Xprinter contributes to energy efficiency and cost savings. Operating on a thermal printing method, our printers boast significantly faster rates compared to others in the market.

As a leading printer manufacturer supplier, our mission is to bring high-quality products to the global stage. Explore our product category and experience the difference with Xprinter. Discover competitive X printer POS printer prices in Bangladesh, optimizing your business operations with our state-of-the-art solutions.

Bixolon Pos Printer in Bangladesh:

Welcome to BIXOLON’s world of innovative printing solutions, where user-friendly designs seamlessly merge with eco-conscious features for a cutting-edge experience. Explore our diverse portfolio of highly reliable 2-inch and 3-inch Receipt and Ticket printers, supporting both Direct Thermal and Dot-Matrix printing technologies.

BIXOLON printers redefine efficiency by combining cost-saving measures with eco-friendly attributes, ensuring your business operates sustainably. Our printers boast superfast print speeds and exceptional print quality, catering to the dynamic needs of the retail and hospitality sectors.

Connectivity is at the forefront of our design, offering a range of options to suit your requirements. Whether you need lightning-fast transactions or top-notch print quality, BIXOLON has you covered.

Discover a world where technology meets environmental responsibility. Our printers not only enhance user experience but also contribute to a greener, more sustainable future.

Looking for BIXOLON POS printer prices in Bangladesh? Explore our product range, find the perfect fit for your business, and experience excellence without compromise. Elevate your operations with BIXOLON’s state-of-the-art printing solutions, designed to exceed expectations and optimize costs.