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Power Supply Price in Bangladesh


In the world of PC building and upgrading, the power supply unit (PSU) is the backbone of your system, ensuring that all components receive stable and reliable power. The market for PSUs in Bangladesh is as diverse as the community of PC enthusiasts and gamers, with options to suit every need and budget.

Understanding Power Supplies

At its core, a power supply converts mains AC to low-voltage regulated DC power for the internal components of a computer. Key specs to consider include wattage, efficiency ratings (80 Plus Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Titanium), and whether the PSU is modular or non-modular.

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Factors Influencing Power Supply Prices

Prices vary based on brand reputation, power output, efficiency, and features like modularity and RGB lighting. High-efficiency units and those with higher wattage typically cost more.

Popular Power Supply Brands in Bangladesh

Brands like Corsair, Cooler Master, Thermaltake, and Gigabyte are well-regarded, offering a range of products that cater to both budget-friendly and premium preferences.

Price Range of Power Supplies in Bangladesh

  • Entry-level (Below 500W): Suitable for basic builds, prices are generally affordable.
  • Mid-range (500W-750W): For most gaming and professional workstations, offering a balance of price and performance.
  • High-end (Above 750W): Targeted at enthusiasts with high-performance PCs, featuring the highest prices.

Where to Buy Power Supplies in Bangladesh

PSUs can be purchased from online marketplaces, local computer hardware stores, and official brand stores. Ensure authenticity and warranty by buying from reputable sellers.

How to Choose the Right Power Supply for Your PC

Consider your system's power needs, potential future upgrades, and the importance of balancing budget with quality. Online calculators can help estimate your power requirements.

Installation Tips for Power Supplies

Always prioritize safety by working in a clean, dry area, and follow a step-by-step guide if you're installing a PSU for the first time.

Maintaining Your Power Supply

Regular cleaning to remove dust and ensuring adequate ventilation will prolong your PSU's life and maintain its performance.

Common Issues with Power Supplies and Troubleshooting Tips

Symptoms of a failing PSU include random restarts and shutdowns. If you encounter these, verify the PSU's status and consider professional advice before replacement.

Warranty and Support for Power Supplies in Bangladesh

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Most brands offer warranties. Understand the terms and know how to claim warranty support in Bangladesh, should issues arise.

The Future of Power Supplies in PC Building

Technological advancements promise more efficient, compact, and feature-rich PSUs, reflecting global trends within the Bangladeshi market.


Choosing the right power supply is critical for building a reliable PC. In Bangladesh, the options are plentiful, catering to a wide range of needs and budgets. By considering your system's requirements and future upgrades, you can select a PSU that offers the best balance of performance, reliability, and cost.

power supply Value Top VT-AX500B 500 Watt ATX Non Modular Power Supply


  1. What wattage should I consider for my gaming PC?

    The wattage for your gaming PC's power supply unit (PSU) depends largely on the components you're planning to use, especially the GPU and CPU, as they are the most power-hungry. A general rule is to aim for a PSU that can provide more power than your system's components will draw. For most mid-range gaming PCs, a 550-650 watt PSU should be sufficient. However, for high-end gaming rigs, especially those with multiple GPUs or overclocking, you might need anywhere from 750 to 1000 watts or more. Tools like online PSU calculators can help you estimate the wattage based on your system's components.

    Are modular power supplies worth the extra cost?

    Modular power supplies can be worth the extra cost for several reasons. They allow you to connect only the cables you need, which can help reduce clutter and improve airflow within your PC case. This can lead to better cooling and, potentially, quieter operation. The ease of cable management and the professional, clean look of your system are also significant benefits. If these factors are important to you and you have the budget, a modular PSU could be a worthwhile investment.

    How do I know if my power supply is failing?

    Signs of a failing power supply can include:

    • Random crashes or reboots, especially under load.
    • Unusual noises like buzzing or clicking from the PSU.
    • Burning smells or smoke, indicating a serious issue.
    • Power issues, such as the PC not starting at all, or components not receiving enough power (manifested through performance issues). If you're experiencing these symptoms, it's important to address the issue immediately to avoid damage to your components.

    Can I install a power supply by myself?

    Yes, you can install a power supply by yourself, but it requires careful attention to detail. Make sure to:

    • Turn off your PC and unplug it from the wall.
    • Discharge any static electricity by touching a grounded metal object before handling components.
    • Remove the old PSU (if replacing) by disconnecting all the cables and unscrewing it from the case.
    • Install the new PSU, secure it with screws, and connect the necessary cables to your components, consulting your motherboard and PSU manuals for guidance. If you're not comfortable with this process or unsure at any point, seeking help from a professional or a knowledgeable friend is advised.

    Where can I find reliable PSU brands in Bangladesh?

    In Bangladesh, reliable PSU brands can be found at well-known computer and electronics markets, such as Multiplan Center in Dhaka, or through reputable online retailers. Brands to look for include Corsair, Cooler Master, Thermaltake, Seasonic, and EVGA, among others. Make sure to purchase from an authorized retailer to ensure warranty coverage and support. Reading reviews and checking ratings online can also help you find a reliable seller and product.